Crane Hire Companies Need a Website Too

29 Jul by Randy Pearson

Crane Hire Companies Need a Website Too

With most construction related businesses, because they only serve a given locality, think that they don’t need a website for the company. They can’t be more wrong! Just like every other business in this digital age, your crane hire company needs a website. That is if you are interested in growing your business.

Here are the reasons why your business should get a website:

It’s an avenue for growing your business

Every company expects to grow with time. Most people rely on online reviews nowadays before making a purchase. When potential clients see impressive reviews for e.g. going back go the crane hire company someone may of written something as simple as, ‘Your low loaders are the best, and overall service and experience was great’. Then you are likely to get business. Having a website increases your visibility, and you will be able to claim a share of the online clients. Customers prefer a business they can easily reach online than have to take a walk to their physical offices. Having your website allows you to have your customer testimonials besides review sites such as Yelp and FourSquare.


Establish your brand

A website gives you the opportunity to control the narrative about your brand and establish your brand. While you cannot manage online descriptions about your business, a site will create a central authoritative source of information for your online audience. You can then link your social media profile to the website.

Saves you money

Now and then, you will have great offers that you think your clients should know. So, instead of spending a budget on printing brochures and flyers, you can post it on your website where it will reach an even bigger audience. With a website, your budget for advertisements will be reduced by a significant margin.

Everyone’s already online

What are you waiting for? Everyone’s already online, including your competitors. While referrals will still give you leads to new clients, your competition has already gone a step ahead of you by establishing an online presence. You either join in the race or you’ll get outdone and left out.

Make sales even when the physical shop is closed

A physical office can only be run for a given number of hours in a day, mostly 7 am to 5 pm. This stops you from making a sale of the night owls, people who can only get time to shop and enquire around after you’ve closed. Clients can make orders through your website even in the middle of the night. So now, you will no longer have to close the office when the doors close fully.

Improve internal communications

Calling for staff meetings whenever you need to communicate something to your staff only wastes business time. People also tend to miss occasional emails, especially if their inbox is flooded or if they’re busy throughout the day attending to customers. You can have a staff portal on your website where clients can log in to see communication from the business. Leave forms and other resources can be readily available instead of them having to take the dreaded walk to the HR office. You can also include informative and educative materials for them in order to improve their service delivery.

Reach clients beyond your geographical location

Maybe the residents in the neighbouring town are tired of their local construction companies and are looking to bring in an external one. You will never honestly know until you establish your online presence and get the business visible beyond its boundaries. A website will enable you to develop your company beyond physical boundaries. You may even grow and open up new branches in different towns.

Establishing a website doesn’t require you to extensive technical or coding skills. Besides website-building platforms, such a WordPress offer online tutorials, customer support and forums where you can get help if you are stuck. Even if you are to spend a budget on building one, it won’t cost much, and it will be a worthy investment. What are you waiting for?