14 Oct by Jackie Terry

Custom Printed T-shirts Best Marketing Alternative To Adwords

Are custom branded t-shirts a warranted advertising expense and is the best Google AdWords alternative? There is an endless stream of different things you can spend that cash on — Facebook advertisements, PPC, print, direct email, you name it. Now, I have never seen anyone dressed for an Adwords campaign, however, a well known and […]
14 Sep by Jackie Terry

Game Changing Tech for Crane Industry

Most individuals aren’t worried about the procedures and equipment that construct the world around them. It is certainly uncommon for individuals to stop and smell the “asphalt” and think about the machinery and human resources necessary to build the roads they drive, the buildings they work in or perhaps consider the facilities which produce the […]
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Business Outsourcing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Back in 2013, over 2 million jobs were outsourced. A more significant part of these jobs has been granted to employees in India and China. However other destinations are also popular as seen in Filipino outsourcing. Outsourcing has picked up prominence regarding running international ventures, with numerous small-scale to large-scale organisations exploiting its multiple advantages. […]
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How Technology in 2030 Will Redefine the Shipping Industry

The GMTT 2030 report, investigates the transformative aspects of 18 technologies on naval power, boat design and the use of sea area. The GMTT 2030 report analysed 56 technologies before focusing on 18 specific innovations, describing it as having two areas: people who will change boat design and construction, and the ones that will affect […]